Paris in Texas (not to be confused with Paris, Texas)

Parigi. A gem in the heart of the Oak Lawn district in Dallas. Parigi translates to “Paris” in Italian. Being a romantic for all things Italian, when the date prompted for dinner at Parigi, my heart turned to burrata. Basically, I was a ball of cheese.

The restaurant caters to the locals. The tables are snug but not on top of each other’s conversations. The bar is beautifully lit and cozy near the front for people watching. The patio is heated for dining al fresco on a cool autumn’s night.  Parking is minimal out front so valet is optional in the back.

We opted for a Chianti. Fair choice given the occasion. The date had been here before but hardly recognized the menu. That is because the ingredients and dishes change almost biweekly given the season and what is fresh.

We shared the portobello fries with an herb aioli. They were nice but a little heavy on the coating and seemed to overpower the flavor of the meaty mushroom. Following, we started with the caprese salad. One thick slice of fresh tomato, topped with buffalo mozzarella, homemade pesto, and select greens with imported olive oil. The tastes were fresh. And to me, there is no better combination of flavors.

We decided to share our main course, the risotto with chicken and asparagus. When presented with our split plates, we noticed our portions were surprisingly larger.  The chef decided to make our meals almost two full plates out of a gesture of kindness. Very Italian.

Winding down after a satisfying dinner for two, we sipped on grappa for just the right fin to a night in Paris…in Italian…in Texas.


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