Folks, I’m back!

I do apologize to my beloved few readers. Time swallowed me whole and I was lost in a black whole of adulthood. To be frank, I got a job.

Alas! My priorities have been set straight and the site is back in business. It also helps I left the job to start my own. That’s a revival in itself folks!

I’ll begin with the cruise. My beloved and I decided to get away for a week on Carnival’s newest line, Magic. For six days we rocked, we rolled, and we indulged in every type of cuisine imaginable. From the most buttery escargot, to shark fritters, to 24-hour pizza, to infinite frozen custard… the days were glorious. As the two of us worked off all the buttered rolls with miniature golf, racing jet skis, and sailing, my body went under extreme conditions. Alright, I take into account all the late night dancing and bottles of wine also.

Anywho, I dove right back into work upon my return. There was no time for rest. I worked extreme hours underpaid and emotionally exhausted. I found myself getting sick all the time and my body was screaming out for sleep and care!

So a week ago I decided to take a proactive approach. I went to my local homeopathic clinic and bought a few natural herbal remedies to cleanse out my system of all the toxins from stress and lack of care. I’m not endorsing anything, but I’ve got to share my saving grace: Nature’s Secret Super Cleanse. I’ve dropped the water weight, my skin is clearing up, and I actually feel more enlivened. All I’m saying is I do recommend this cleanse if you’re under the weather and not yourself, or if you just need a lil boost.

Be back soon ya’ll with more delicious posts. I’m out for now.

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2 Responses to Revival

  1. Jon says:

    Sounds like a good time was had on your guys cruise! Thanks for making Nature’s secret Super Cleanse not so secret….i’ll give it a go. I don’t recommend using their Colon cleanse, unless you know what a colon is first. Glad you’re back on the blogosphere! Cheers

  2. Mr. Smith says:

    Welcome back weeeeevevevev missed you :)!

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