Dallas Farmer’s Market

I am the newest groupie to the Dallas Farmer’s Market. This amazing market space is full of local vendors featuring their best seasonal produce.

My memorable ritual begins with weekend mornings and a steaming cup of coffee. My pug dog, Pugerton Presley Jones (aka Pugsley) and I venture out to south Dallas in the peak hours of morning while everyone else is stretching their limbs and meandering about their cozy world indoors. After battling the horrid I-30 and the questionable deserted streets, we are greeted with an Eden amid the abandoned concrete space surrounding.

A few musts to attend this city farmer’s market:

  • Your own bag – Don’t haul around ten bags of plastic. Do Earth some justice people.
  • Cash – As with any market, cash is key.
  • A car – There is no walking unless you live in the urban living space across the street. Otherwise, you know the deal. This is Dallas, not Europe.
  • The ability to say no– These vendors know how to push their produce…not my preferred way to shop but I’ll deal with it in return for affordable local fruits and vegetables.
  • Knowledge of what is in season and pricing – Walk away knowing you got a good deal.

Upon returning to my abode, I usually wash and prep my produce so it is ready for enjoying through the week.

TostadaTostada featuring cilantro lime tortilla, hummus, herbs, avocado, and aged cheddar


Roasted sweet potato and local herbs

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