XM Radio’s BPM beats through the Cadillac’s surround sound speakers. Jon and I share a smile as we cruise on the starlit highway. It is a beautiful NYE night and we are on our way to a fireside meal at the exceptional private restaurant in Vacquero. This exclusive establishment holds only 100 diners and is not open to the general public.

We pull into the gated club, waved and welcomed by the guards. As we valet, men open doors and greet us by name. I take Jon’s arm and we are welcomed into the dark oak bar. Through the double doors, burns a coal fire pit in the center of a stoned patio for enjoying the Texas weather. A view overlooks the world-renown golf course, a sparkling lake and million-dollar homes sprawling through the hills. The moonlight casts a glow on the entire scene. We choose two seats by the fire. Immediately, Vaquero blankets are brought to us and two glasses of Vaquero’s own Cabernet, harvested and bottled for the club only. We cheers to a new blessed year of love, success, and happiness. It certainly appears to have already begun.

And now the grand entree of the night: the meal. Schezuan crispy calamari with cilantro on a bed of mixed greens to begin. We share succulent bites between conversation, and maybe a few moans of pure ecstasy. After our leisure appetizer, we opt to share the prime filet of beef with a wild mushroom glaze and the chicken fried lobster tails with gravy mashed potatoes. Extravagance at its best. Our lovely waitress attends to our wine and also brings Vaquero water, bottled exclusively for the club. Giant bites of lobster meat burst in our mouths. The beef is like butter. And our wine is a perfect accompaniment. I take in the ecstatic look on my love’s face, the meal, the fire, and the feeling of contentment. I thank the stars for this moment.

Two hours into the dining experience, we decide to end on a sweet note of chocolate decadence. Homemade chocolate molten cake and fresh whipped mousse are brought to our sides. Nothing less than perfection.

To round off a perfect meal, Jon enjoys a gentleman’s cigar as we cozy up to our fire. Bellies full, hearts full, and lives full. Cheers to new beginnings and a year full of blessed moments.

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