An Osteria to Dine For in Denver

In Italian, “Osteria” is a very humble dwelling where friends and family members gather to dine on good food and wine. A place to share stories, laugh, and revel in homemade delicacies like burrata, recla speck, and seasonal gaspacho. And when in Rome…that is just what we did.

The decor is modern with a rustic appeal that invites old and new world. We passed the young crowd on the patio of Larimer street, the mini butcher counter to our right, and followed our hostess down the steep stairs into the basement where we tucked ourselves away into one of their dark oak booths. To our left the brick wall was accented by large rustic mirrors. The ambiance was cool and warm as our fellow diners mingled in hushed conversation. If one would enter into our world now, they would think none other then we were in some obscure back alley restaurant of Firenze.

Our meal held its own next to the ambiance. With everything seasonally fresh, our bruschetta was crusted to perfection with creamy homemade cheese and locally grown tomatoes. The salad was a beautiful mix of baby greens tossed with warm candied walnuts, fresh goat cheese, a tangy vinaigrette, and topped with the sweetest strawberries. The pizza is truly Roman with the taste of oven-fired dough as you bite into the crisp thin crust. Nothing short of amazing here.

Osteria Marco is truly inspired.


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