Botanical Gardens, Lili’s, and The Usual

On the short and skinny of Fort Worth, this town has character and charm that’s tucked away behind the shadow of Dallas. I think  the locals like to keep it this way. With more of a humble personality, Fort Worth takes care of itself and the citizens. Here is a recap of my Saturday eve in the quaint Texan town.

Botanical Gardens

We met in the gardens expecting romance and mystique. We did get the mystique, but unfortunately due to the heat of summer, the rose gardens were barren and the Japanese gardens were down to shrubbery. With imagination, this place has potential for a perfect romance effect. There is a shaded patio open day hours for a nice cooling beverage amidst all the greenery. Suggestion: meet at dusk for a serene atmosphere and the beginning stages of the twinkling moon.

Lili’s Bistro

Located on Magnolia Ave, Lili’s is one destination for date night and young professionals. The cobblestone street lends itself character as each restaurant alone the row is unique in spirit. After walking in and out of three restaurants, we opted for bar-side seats in Lili’s. As the piano serenaded the diners, we settled in with the posh clientele. I strongly suggest sharing small plates, because the more flavor you can experience here, the better. I was able to sample the fresh and vibrant tabouli salad, the spicy calamari saute, and the rich and velvety tomato and ricotta tart. Ah-ma-zing.

The Usual

The meal and conversation concluded on a high note. We moseyed on down two stores to the apparently happening spot in downtown Fort Worth. What we walked into was an urban chill atmosphere hosted by some of the state’s best mixers. And that brings me to the BEST cocktail I’ve had yet in the Lonestar State: Bees Knees. With gin, honey, and lemon being the three components, what resulted was a tangy and refreshingly crisp cocktail to savor. No gulping this one down, it’s one to be remembered and sipped cautiously. The crowd was a younger clientele and the loud music was a bit obnoxious for conversation. We tucked ourselves outside on the patio and continued a discussion on how great Led Zeppelin is.

The end to an eve of bliss.

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