Lately, I have been inundating myself with projects. I have acquired old and new hobbies, jobs, and activities. Keeping a peaceful internal body is a challenge, often uncomfortable at times. Practicing mindfulness allows me to stay focused on the present.

Breakfast is my morning meditation. When you think of meditation, it doesn’t always involve sitting stoically on a zafu and counting mala beads. One can meditate while walking, showering, washing the dishes, cleaning, driving (although I do not recommend closing your eyes for this one), or eating. Eating is a favorite way of mine to meditate.

I realize this is a food blog, but I must recommend “Drinking Tea, Living Life” by Ven. Visuddhacara. The book is a short read but contains highly potent information on leading a mindful life, all the way down to drinking a cup of tea.

My mornings contain granola with fruit, and tea. I sit on my open patio while the sun peaks
from its slumber. I use a small spoon to eat the granola. This is to ensure I take small bites and chew with intent. We must begin to slow down in order to experience. I alternate chewing with taking mindful sips of hot tea. I hold the mug with both hands, sipping with caution and ease. I allow the heat to warm the body. I experience the crunch of the granola and the chewiness of the dried fruit. Each bite is full of gratitude. Eating with gratitude is a very humbling experience. It allows one to be thankful for the nourishing food they have but not to expect it to be there for their next meal. Try not to feel entitled when eating. The food will be more delicious and gratifying than ever. I promise.

After I have taken the last bite and sipped the last drop, I am content. I thank the Universe for supplying this nutritious meal one more day. Life is good if you allow it. 

This moment counts
it is what is real
it’s happening
right now
and you ought to be present
not far away
with your thoughts and imaginations.

– Ven. Visuddhacara

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