♫ Let’s talk about nuts.
Let’s talk about nuts, baby
Let’s talk about you and me
Let’s talk about all the good things
And the bad things that may be
Let’s talk about nuts.  ♫

Add a little Salt ‘N’ Pepa, and I’m satiated.

Introduce my new love, Marcona Almonds…


Known as “almonds ascended to heaven”,  these nuts are doused in sunflower oil and sea salt. They are generally fried, have a distinct crunch, are well-salted and very addictive. They’re a natural alongside Spanish cheeses like Manchego or Garroxta, but also very good with English Cheddar and a good stout.

I enjoy them with sliced apples (Fuji or Honeycrisp) and a generous pour of Cabernet Sauvignon or my new obsession, Frog’s Leap Zinfandel. They go amazing with a chilled Blue Moon Agave or 312. Oh, can’t forget Rahr and Sons Blonde Lager.

These nuts are the ultimate gourmet snack for enjoying a leisurely afternoon, a good book, the sunshine, and possibly some good conversation (between the sips of your chosen delectable beverage and mouthfuls of nuts).

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