Piranha Killer Sushi…well…kills it

I’m beside myself. I truly wish I had more critiques…more sassy, dissatisfied reviews. I could really use that attitude right now. Why? Because I’m so damn happy. It’s sickening really. I mean, I’m euphoric. Somebody, get this girl a net for when she finally falls. But, until then, once again, another fabulous review.

Not many words. Just clean, pure sushi.

Piranha Killer Sushi is insanely fresh. We were first seated by the bar/kitchen/restrooms. The date was not having it. After trading out for a more intimate booth in the corner, we eased back into our seats and ordered a bottle of the Spellbound Cabernet from California. After deciding on the Sashimi roll with salmon, crab & scallions wrapped with hand peeled cucumber, we dove into the delicious conversation. The roll was intoxicating, exciting, refreshing, and lavish, all at once. That about sums up the night. Following, we had the shrimp, white tuna, red tuna, and salmon. All sashimi cut and prepared to perfection.

To wrap it up, we moved down the block for an improv showing of Four Day Weekend. The laughter was sweet and fulfilling, better than dessert.

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1 Response to Piranha Killer Sushi…well…kills it

  1. Mr. Smith says:

    Wow your date must have been something special huh? 🙂

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