UPDATED: The City’s Finest Coffeehouse

ALRIGHT! I had to take this opportunity to update my last post on the city’s finest coffee establishments. There are some new and exciting coffee endeavors and connoisseurs in the Paris of the West!

As I stated in the previous post, San Francisco has been known as the Paris of the West. With its foggy haze, eccentric writers, and ardor for coffee, it makes sense we love our cafes. Tucked away from the robust winds, one will find a plethora of nooks and crannies to sit back with an enticing book, warm conversation, and that promising cup of coffee. I left the homestead and ventured into the streets of fog and dog shit. On the hunt, there was something to be considered: San Franciscans like a competition. Here is an UPDATED list of the city’s finest coffeehouses:

Contraband Coffee Bar – WOW! Said to be the best lattes outside of Italy. Their cortados are the industry’s favorite. The beans solely come their roaster based out of Oakland and espresso served up in shot glasses. An homage to John Barleycorn himself? Most likely. The cafe features empanadas from a local baker, Dynamo donuts, and a few other pastries featuring local artisans. Also, art from bay area artists are displayed on the sleek walls and rotated monthly. Not to mention, the staff is a sweet treat on its own.

Little Bird Coffeehouse – Whiskey Thieves owners opened the joint in the Tenderloin. The ‘bar’ of coffeehouses, this place serves it up to clientele hipsters and downtown goers. They offer Ritual and De La Paz beans, dripped by hand or pulled espresso on their snazzy bar. Worth checking out.

Hooker’s Sweet Treats – An oasis in the middle of the Tenderloin. An aside from coffee, the salted caramels are something to moan about. Pair up the sweets with Sightglass coffee, a match made from heaven in the midst of the city’s most devilish neighborhood.

farm:table – This review is more food-based, but must be included in my list. The name alludes to the freshness and pureness of its dishes. The food is amazingly simple and brilliant with the ingredient combinations. The menu is constantly evolving and shifting according to what is in season. The coffee and food are all locally sourced, with ultra-fresh ingredients that are a step above the rest.


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