Nouveau Vietnamese in the Fillmore

With no sign to detect its identity (other than the letters OTD on its glass door) and tucked away from the busy boutiques and bistros on Fillmore, one has to wonder how Out The Door manages to keep its customers smiling and bellies full. Two guesses why this restaurant draws in loyal diners every day: quality and word of mouth.

Executive Chef Charles Phan opened OTD as his offspring to his nationally acclaimed The Slanted Door. OTD is a solution to all the vexed reservation-less customers at its mother restaurant. With the delicacies Chef Phan has perfected but at the fraction of the price, OTD is a more laid-back setting.

What you’ll find when you walk through the door is a mixed crowd of hip working professionals and families. You’ll find it a great spot for catching up with a friend or a casual date. There is a standing bar section where the hip crowd may congregate for wine before a beautiful Vietnamese meal. The open counter, where couples or single diners often sit, carries the sizzling sounds and glowing heat to the sleek tables. (Note: The counter for dining is highly suggested.)

Healing food, tea and wine. It is all a treat.

2232 Bush Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 923-9575

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