If The Beating Heart Doesn’t Drive You Crazy, This Will.

San Francisco is home to a masterful pastry chef with revolutionary ideas and a flair for the unusual. His name is William Werner.

William Werner parted ways with Quince and the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay to lead a progressive dessert program all on his own. Tell Tale Preserve Company offers members refined pastries and yummy delights in a unique package for take-home or delivery.

$35 a month gets members of the Tell Tale Society a rustic burlap sack filled with Werner’s delicate confections, preserves, pastries and savory breads. Offerings might include silky coffee-laced milk jam, raspberry-white chocolate sables, praline marshmallows, or fragrant tomato-semolina bread.

Locals can pick up for free (the first wednesday of every month) or have the goods delivered for a nominal fee. Consider it a preview of Werner’s storefront, slated to open in Union Square later this fall.

Pick Up Location: Coffee Bar from 9am to 8pm, 1890 Bryant St. (Corner of Mariposa and Florida St.)

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