Sundaes on Sunday

Warning: May cause hedonistic tendencies

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (recommended: Häagen-Dazs)
Shaved Dark Chocolate (recommended: Valrhona)
Macerated Blueberries
Fresh Whipped Cream
Aged Port (recommended: Sandeman Ruby)

For macerated blueberries: Wash and drain. Sprinkle white granulated sugar over the blueberries. Stir and set aside. Allow 10 minutes. The blueberries will release their natural juices and create their own syrup.

For fresh whipped cream: In a large bowl, whip cream using whisk until stiff peaks are just about to form. Sweeten with sugar if desired, but recommended trying without. The tangy nature enhances and balances the sweet ingredients. Set aside.

Use a large wine glass or brandy glass for elegance. (Make this an occasion, so no paper plates here.)

One healthful scoop of ice cream. If you cannot find vanilla bean, plain vanilla will do just fine.

Scoop the blueberries over the ice cream.

Now, pour the desired amount of ruby port over the ice cream. The longer a port has been aged, the sweeter and more intense the flavor. When choosing your port, don’t skimp on quality here. (This is one sundae not to tighten the belt with.)

Spoon whipped cream over the sundae.

Add shaved chocolate over the top for a finale of decadence.

Recommended Eating: Enjoy with a loved one for sensual evening.

Virgin version: Try aged balsamic vinegar. The longer it has been aged, the denser in consistency and sweeter in flavor it is. Salt brings out the sweet in desserts. Our tongues like balance which favor the palette.

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