The Sentinel

Feeding the Appetites of San Fran’s FiDi

It’s 12pm on a Thursday in San Francisco’s Financial District (FiDi). A mass of men and women flock the streets, chatting up business proposals and weekend plans. The restaurant scene will agree: it’s business time. Dining is everywhere, from Chinese take-out to elegant sashimi. Around here, eateries cater to ones working hard and hardly working.

Approaching New Montgomery street, a line has wrapped around what appears to be a tiny cigar shop turned sandwich joint. Chef and owner Dennis Leary opened The Sentinel after his huge success with local dining hotspot Canteen. Leary, can be found behind the counter directing shots, assembling meat and bread, or taking orders at the cashier. Leary not only packs the establishment with gourmet ingredients and loyal customers, but with tons of personality. Don’t be alarmed but you have been warned: Leary is known to have a ‘no fuss, no mess’ attitude with all. He has been compared to Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi by many. He is a hard act to follow, just like the lingering tastes of his sandwiches.

The seasonal menu features items such as pork loin, spicy tuna, and lamb. One not to miss is the popular corned beef with cabbage, Russian dressing, and Swiss cheese. It is deliciously layered between warm baked bread and truly a taste of old Ireland. Follow up next door in the House of Shields for a proper Guinness. Though be wary of a possible decrease in work productivity for the day.

Noted, Leary does not forget his dessert. Every morning, Leary decides whether it’s a baked apricot crisp, strawberry rhubarb pie, or peach cobbler kind of day. Perfect to finish off the finger-licking grub. Along with the sandwiches and dessert, there is a daily featured hot meal. Leary tweets his featured item on The Sentinel’s Twitter account. So, not a luncher? The Sentinel loves its early birds, serving up rich espresso and warm coffee cake in the morning.

To the broker and broke, The Sentinel fits the bill for all appetites.

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